Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fuck sake

Well, after having my two best days in a row I just a complete disaster of a day yesterday. There's no point in just posting the good stuff so I'm going to come clean and admit I lost €1270 yesterday. I'd been doing alright, down a few quid but nothing too serious. Then I had a run of bad beats that included 444 vs 88 all in on the flop, the villain caught an 8. KK vs 99 all in preflop, catches a 9. Loose with AA vs KK all in preflop, catches a K. Then I flopped a set and got outdrawn by a gutshot to a higher straight, although this wasn't all in preflop and I should've lost less here.
Then a shortstack reraised all in to about $8 and I reraised to $25 with AK, one caller. The flop comes KdQ6d. I bet $25 and he calls. I put him all in on the turn and he calls with Q4d, rivers the flush. For fuck sake, $25 preflop with Q4d, what a joke.

The worst loss though came when I had 77 and flopped trips on a 10d9h7h flop. The preflop raiser bet $30 and there was one caller. I knew I was ahead here so I went ahead and stuck all my cash in for over $400. The raiser folded and the other guy who had me covered called. He had J10h and caught another heart. 40% chance of winning and he goes all in for over $400, what's wrong with these fucking retards? It was obvious I had a set, so what if he "had so many outs, had to call", outs are only good with odds, the stupid fuck. That's the second time in two days I've been beaten for alot of money like this. I think in future I'll call the flop here, and push on the turn if it's a non-danger card or call for a house if I fall behind. I might be correct in going all in on the flop but I'm not happy with a +$400 loss in one hand.

Anyway, all this shite set off tilt, unfortunately, and I ended up giving away two $250 stacks, one where I had a straight draw on the turn and pushed into a set of 8's, terrible play. The next pushed all in with KQ into trips 10's when the villain basically told me he had a set. This same villain had a much smaller stack earlier and called my $10 preflop raised with 57o. He destacked me when he hit a 57x flop.

I'm going to suck it up today and get stuck in again. Still on course for 2 grand for the week but I was up €2600 at the start of yesterday so it's a real dissappointment. Putting it out of my mind today and going to play my A fucking game.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Grand day

Best day yet. Cleared €1036.40 today at 4 tabling 1/2. I was looking to do it, make a €1000 in a day, after coming close on Saturday and at one stage I thought I'd done and logged off the tables. It was slightly annoying, then, when I totted up the take on all tables and found I'd come up €30 short. There was nothing for it but to log back on and grind it out. I'd made the first €970 in 6 and a half hours so the next 2 were fairly painful as I only managed to squeeze out another €65. I got a bit impatient and reraised with JJ out of position and lost a fairly big pot to AQ which accounted for the poor take in the final two hours.

Also had my biggest stack yet vc -

All in all a very nice day on the tables :-)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I have a feeling 2006 is going to be a good year. I moved up to 1/2 permanently on Friday and it's got off to a great start. Cleared a grand again over Christmas when I was supposed to be taking a break so I figured it's definately time to move on up.
I tested the waters at 1/2 and 2/4 to see which level I'd hit in the new year and though 2/4 seemed fine I don't think I'm totally comfortable with swings of up to $1000 just yet, so I decided I'll put in a few months at 1/2.

Day 1 on Friday and I'm up €620, looks like this could be a good decision!
Day 2, yesterday, was my best day yet at poker - €940 in just over 5 hours. It should have well over the grand only for one bastard of a hand. A shortstack raised to $8 and I called with pocket 10's. There's one other caller from the SB who had a stack of about $260. The flop came up 10h5d6h and the SB checked. Shortstack bet $30 leaving himself with just another $30. I went all-in in an instant, if someone wants to draw they can fucking well pay for it. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the SB was in a drawing mood and called $260 with 87h, a straight and flush draw. I was 60/40 to win but he caught his flush. Fuck sake, all in for that much on (less than) a coinflip, what a twat. I sucked it back up and managed to make it back on the 4 tables and finished up at €940, would've liked to hit a grand for the day but I had to go and collect the girlfriend from work, ah well.

Here's to a good 2006!

Two cool hands from yesterday------------------------------------

Big river bluff took the pot in this one. The villain seemed to be calling weak, with something like A9. He took his time calling the turn, and then with the K on the river, I felt he just couldn't call a big enough bet when he probably thought he was already beaten on the turn. I showed it and it really messed the villain up. He went on a major tilt and seemed to completely loose the ability to fold. He threw away the rest of his stack in the next 10 minutes, unfortunately not to me :-)

The Saint
Holdem No Limit
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Hand Start.
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Seat 1 : same as has $270.18
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Seat 2 : AceAceAce has $40
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Seat 3 : Mundo1 has $475.32
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Seat 4 : L0VEJ0Y has $238.50
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has $197
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : Seat 6 : SPICYD has $204.66
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : WrongAnswer is the dealer.
[Dec 31 12:52:36] : SPICYD posted small blind.
[Dec 31 12:52:37] : same as posted big blind.
[Dec 31 12:52:37] : Game [96312] started with 5 players.
[Dec 31 12:52:37] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Dec 31 12:52:37] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has Qc Ah
[Dec 31 12:52:39] : Mundo1 folded.
[Dec 31 12:52:42] : L0VEJ0Y folded.
[Dec 31 12:52:45] : WrongAnswer called $2 and raised $6
[Dec 31 12:52:49] : SPICYD called $7
[Dec 31 12:52:53] : same as folded.
[Dec 31 12:52:53] : Dealing flop.
[Dec 31 12:52:53] : Board cards [9c 5s 7d]
[Dec 31 12:52:59] : SPICYD checked.
[Dec 31 12:53:01] : WrongAnswer bet $16
[Dec 31 12:53:09] : SPICYD called $16
[Dec 31 12:53:09] : Dealing turn.
[Dec 31 12:53:09] : Board cards [9c 5s 7d Tc]
[Dec 31 12:53:13] : SPICYD checked.
[Dec 31 12:53:16] : WrongAnswer bet $25
[Dec 31 12:53:30] : SPICYD has 10 seconds to respond.
[Dec 31 12:53:32] : SPICYD called $25
[Dec 31 12:53:32] : Dealing river.
[Dec 31 12:53:32] : Board cards [9c 5s 7d Tc Kd]
[Dec 31 12:53:35] : SPICYD checked.
[Dec 31 12:53:48] : It's your turn.
[Dec 31 12:53:48] : WrongAnswer has 10 seconds to respond.
[Dec 31 12:53:50] : WrongAnswer bet $80
[Dec 31 12:54:04] : SPICYD has 10 seconds to respond.
[Dec 31 12:54:09] : SPICYD folded.
[Dec 31 12:54:11] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has Qc Ah
[Dec 31 12:54:11] : WrongAnswer wins $97 as the last player standing with High Card : Ace
[Dec 31 12:54:16] : Hand is over.


This was my biggest pot yet. What made it all the sweeter was the villian's ability. One of the better players at .50/1 and 1/2 on vc, I'd say it's very rare he gets destacked like this. He'd been up over $500 earlier but ended up all in with JJ against 1010 on a 10 high flop against someone with a big stack, which I thought was very poor play.
Then he raised and I called with 77. The flop came two to a flush, 9 high and I bet out from EP. He reraised and I called figuring he could easily be trying to push me off with overcards/flush draw, as he was raising too frequently at this stage to automatically give him credit for an overpair. The turn brought me an open ended straight draw and he bet again. When he bet again, big, I figured there was a very good chance he had an overpair, but I was now looking for the straight so I called. I hit it and he paid off a 1/3 pot bet. He was below $200 now but managed to get himself together and build his stack back up.
He min raised later and I called with K10 and hit a K high flop. He bet, I reraised and he called. He fired two increasingly big bets at me on the blank turn and river that managed to push me off the hand. He could have been bluffing, but I was well priced out of it.

Then came this hand. When he reraised my reraise on the flop I was slightly worried about 45s but not overly concerned. When he called my second reraise I knew he had an overpair. I think the bluffed pot earlier must have played a part in this hand too. He probably thought I was trying to push him off as he'd seen my $80 river bet with nothing, and then there was the other hands. 1. Where I'd bet out at him with 77 into his overpair and ended up winning with the straight- 2. Where I'd reraised on him on K high flop that I ended up folding the river.
Anway, he must've thought I was a much more frequent bluffer than I am and he ended up giving me his entire stack with a pair of 8's, when I had given him plenty of opportunities to fold. LOL!!!

The Saint
Holdem No Limit
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Hand Start.
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 1 : dills05 has $24.82
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 2 : woblybits has $47.50
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 3 : Mundo1 has $326.13
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 4 : pachi has $96.78
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has $517.17
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 6 : AndreasB has $106
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : dills05 is the dealer.
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : woblybits posted small blind.
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Mundo1 posted big blind.
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Game [96479] started with 6 players.
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Dec 31 14:47:37] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has 6h 6d
[Dec 31 14:47:40] : pachi called $2
[Dec 31 14:47:40] : WrongAnswer called $2
[Dec 31 14:47:43] : AndreasB folded.
[Dec 31 14:47:44] : dills05 folded.
[Dec 31 14:47:47] : woblybits called $1
[Dec 31 14:47:56] : Mundo1 raised $2
[Dec 31 14:47:59] : pachi called $2
[Dec 31 14:48:00] : WrongAnswer called $2
[Dec 31 14:48:01] : woblybits folded.
[Dec 31 14:48:02] : Dealing flop.
[Dec 31 14:48:02] : Board cards [6s 3h 2c]
[Dec 31 14:48:05] : Mundo1 bet $8
[Dec 31 14:48:08] : pachi folded.
[Dec 31 14:48:11] : WrongAnswer called $8 and raised $16
[Dec 31 14:48:14] : Mundo1 called $16 and raised $32
[Dec 31 14:48:29] : It's your turn.
[Dec 31 14:48:29] : WrongAnswer has 10 seconds to respond.
[Dec 31 14:48:36] : WrongAnswer called $32 and raised $128
[Dec 31 14:48:39] : Mundo1 called $128
[Dec 31 14:48:39] : Dealing turn.
[Dec 31 14:48:39] : Board cards [6s 3h 2c Kc]
[Dec 31 14:48:41] : Mundo1 checked.
[Dec 31 14:48:47] : WrongAnswer bet $329.17 and is All-in
[Dec 31 14:48:48] : Mundo1 called $138.13 and is All-in
[Dec 31 14:48:48] : Showdown!
[Dec 31 14:48:48] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has 6h 6d
[Dec 31 14:48:54] : Seat 3 : Mundo1 has 8c 8h
[Dec 31 14:48:54] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has 6h 6d
[Dec 31 14:48:55] : Board cards [6s 3h 2c Kc 6c]
[Dec 31 14:48:55] : Seat 5 : WrongAnswer has 6h 6d
[Dec 31 14:48:55] : WrongAnswer has Four of a kind: 6s
[Dec 31 14:48:55] : Seat 3 : Mundo1 has 8c 8h
[Dec 31 14:48:55] : Mundo1 has Two Pair: 8s and 6s
[Dec 31 14:48:55] : WrongAnswer wins $655.26 with Four of a kind: 6s
[Dec 31 14:49:59] : dills05 : VNH
[Dec 31 14:50:01] : Hand is over.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Driving home for Christmas

Another good week, cleared €1162 with the last €160 coming today. Had to fucking work for it today though. Started off well enough, up to €250 in a few hours and then the bad beats/bad luck arrived. First off I called a $6 raise with 77 along with 3 or 4 other callers. The flop came Ks7s2c and the raiser bet $16 when checked around to. Now I didn't call with 77 to fold here and with two to a flush on the board he could've been betting this hard to price out the draw if he had AK or AA. Then there's the fact that most villains at this level play the nuts slowly. Anyway, I called and he had cowboys (and a big stack).
Took it on the chin and continued on. Raised with KK myself on another table and got one caller. Two to a flush on a 9 high board and I bet the pot. The villain reraised but I didn't buy it, this guy was a poor player who probably 'put me on AK'. I called and the turn brought a 2 and three to a flush. We both checked and the river was a blank card. I figured he most likey reraised the flop with a pair of 9's, so I value bet the river $20. The lucky bastard had 22 and turned a set. Had a few more small losses and I was nearly back where I started. I think this was also the worst downswing I've had at .50/1 in a good while.
It was a real pisser, the last day of my poker week before I head back to Kildare for Christmas and with my profits down to about €20 or €30 for the day I figured I'd be heading back on a downer.

Then things started to pick up a bit, thank fuck. The following hand was the turning point. Stephenadam is fairly aggressive so his flop bet looked to me like overcards or A8. The big turn bet looked even stronger so I figured he's got a set. Hence the check on the Q river looked very odd. To go from extreme strength to checking on a relatively safe card told me he didn't have the set or two pair. I'm not one for bluffing as it's cost me alot more than it's won me in the past but this board was begging me to represent a good hand. I wasn't worried about macattack43 as he seemed to have just come along for the ride but stephenadam was still a danger. Anyway, I figured he'll fold more often than not here to a bet so I stuck in a big $70 overbet. Lol, I showed the hand after I folded and he said he had A9h. The bet did look very like a bluff (bar I had a set myself) but there was no way he could call it, sweet.
I don't think I've made one serious bluff (when not on extreme tilt) like this since I started playing full time and I've been getting by just fine but after this hand I might start looking for some more opportunities to put my cash in the pot with nothing.

Holdem No Limit
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : Hand Start.
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : Seat 2 : Tenspro has $46.89
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : Seat 3 : macattack43 has $75.25
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : Seat 4 : stephanadam has $178.50
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : Seat 5 : sabotage99 has $40.75
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : Seat 6 : WrongAnswer has $150.13
[Dec 21 15:05:06] : WrongAnswer is the dealer.
[Dec 21 15:05:07] : Tenspro posted small blind.
[Dec 21 15:05:07] : macattack43 posted big blind.
[Dec 21 15:05:07] : Game [62604] started with 5 players.
[Dec 21 15:05:07] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Dec 21 15:05:07] : Seat 6 : WrongAnswer has Kh Jh
[Dec 21 15:05:10] : stephanadam called $1
[Dec 21 15:05:15] : sabotage99 called $1
[Dec 21 15:05:21] : WrongAnswer called $1 and raised $4
[Dec 21 15:05:23] : Tenspro folded.
[Dec 21 15:05:24] : macattack43 called $4
[Dec 21 15:05:27] : stephanadam called $4
[Dec 21 15:05:01] : sabotage99 folded.
[Dec 21 15:05:01] : Dealing flop.
[Dec 21 15:05:01] : Board cards [5h 8h 4s]
[Dec 21 15:05:03] : macattack43 checked.
[Dec 21 15:05:07] : stephanadam bet $10
[Dec 21 15:05:19] : WrongAnswer called $10
[Dec 21 15:05:22] : macattack43 called $10
[Dec 21 15:05:22] : Dealing turn.
[Dec 21 15:05:22] : Board cards [5h 8h 4s 3s]
[Dec 21 15:05:25] : macattack43 checked.
[Dec 21 15:05:28] : stephanadam bet $25
[Dec 21 15:06:00] : WrongAnswer called $25
[Dec 21 15:06:02] : macattack43 called $25
[Dec 21 15:06:02] : Dealing river.
[Dec 21 15:06:02] : Board cards [5h 8h 4s 3s Qc]
[Dec 21 15:06:04] : macattack43 checked.
[Dec 21 15:06:07] : stephanadam checked.
[Dec 21 15:06:16] : WrongAnswer bet $70
[Dec 21 15:06:18] : macattack43 folded.
[Dec 21 15:06:20] : stephanadam folded.
[Dec 21 15:06:22] : Seat 6 : WrongAnswer has Kh Jh
[Dec 21 15:06:22] : WrongAnswer wins $118.50 as the last player standing with High Card : King
[Dec 21 15:06:26] : Hand is over.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bear Trap

Good week, cleared the grand. I also put 220 quid on the Chicago Bears to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers during the week and the stupid cunts lost 21-9 so that cuts my profits to 800 quid. The Bears were on an winning streak, 8 in a row, and the Steelers had lost their last 3 so it looked good on paper, especially as we had it with a 6.5 point handicap. I don't follow American football but was given the tip by a successful sports better and I felt it just had to be backed after seeing the stats. Yeah, definately a good bet, just got unlucky.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Back in Black

Very happy with my play this week. Wasn't my most profitable so far but it was definately one of my best skill-wise. I've been thinking about my up and down results over the past few weeks since the big one and I think I've figured out the problem - death by a thousand cuts. Instead of obsessing over every lost dollar and poor call, like I used to, I was saying "ah sure it's only $8 for a look, I can afford it. He could be bluffing, I might as well call and see ". This sloppy attitude was costing me a fortune over the course of an hour/day/week. I think having a very thorough approach to every pot/decision is the most profitable way to play .50/1 on ppp where the play is quite passive.

This week I really tightened up the screws, even for the small pots. It's made a noticeable difference, very few mistakes and when I was the wrong end of the hand that had to be called the damage sustained was the minimal. I don't think I made any huge glaring bad calls that cost me dearly, and even after sustaing one of my worst ever run of bad beats over the course of two hours on Saturday morning(AA beat by Q8turned two pair, set beaten by a runner runner straight all in on the turn, flopped flush beaten by two pair all in on the turn, QQ beaten by Q8o all in on the 8 high flop, etc......) I didn't tilt in the slightest and finished well up at the end of the day.

I think my biggest problem this week was not maximizing profits when I had the best hand. Twice I flopped top set Q's and didn't take as much as I should of off one opponent holding AQ and the other had either AA or KK.

Then there was a hand that I bet to the river with pp KK on a 10 high flop/board, with two to a flush (which never materialised) on the flop, I checked the 9 river and so did the villain. The villain, who's one of the top five players at this level on ppp asked would I have called a pot sized bet on the river and I told him I was hoping he'd bet. He said after he had QQ and wouldn't have bet without the best hand. I asked him "no bluffing? ;-)" and he replyed "not with you" which was a nice compliment although I wonder was he also setting me up for a big bluff in the future, definately a possibility and I'd love to catch him at it.

I was very sure I had him beat bar he rivered two pair. He would've reraised me on the turn with a set or two pair as there was two possible flushes on the board.

Alot of villains at this level can't help bluffing their missed flush on the river and it's a nice little bonus when you know you've trapped them but I suppose I should've known this guy wouldn't make such an obvious move, and bet at him hoping he'd A10/QQ/JJ/Q10/J10. The 9 was a bit of a worry on the river too as he could've had 109s and I didn't want to be betting dead, but I think in the long run a bet here is very profitable, as I'm more likely to see the above hands.

Definately have to have a think about maximizing profits when I'm very sure I'm ahead. I know if it ain't broke you shouldn't fix it but I'm also considering a slight increase in aggresion preflop. My game definately isn't broken but I think it could be running even better with some fine tuning.

All in all a very satisfying +$1500 week, I've still a few hours to go today so hopefully I can get it up to $1700 or $1800.

Edit: Finished up now. Made it up to $1847 for the week and had my best day yet - $720 for 6 hours.

Here's a big hand from today, ReeDonkulas is the villain I was talking about earlier who had QQ to my KK. Said after he had 56, don't think I could've got more out of him, any raise on the turn and he'd have to fold. I was also a bit wary of him catching a higher house on the river (if he didn't have one already), over cautious I know, as I was beaten twice yesterday like this so I went all in. Poor Donk gradually went on a big tilt soon after when he was beaten by a higher set on another table, allowing me to de-stack him a while later with a set of 9's against his AA.

The Big Sleep
Holdem No Limit
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Hand Start.
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Seat 1 : Tenspro has $95.50
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has $218.25
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Seat 3 : ReeDonkulos has $284.13
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Seat 4 : Mr_Knyt has $54
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Seat 5 : alibaby has $6.20
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : Seat 6 : TAT2N has $38.50
[Dec 7 16:36:46] : ReeDonkulos is the dealer.
[Dec 7 16:36:47] : Mr_Knyt posted small blind.
[Dec 7 16:36:48] : alibaby posted big blind.
[Dec 7 16:36:50] : TAT2N posted big blind.
[Dec 7 16:36:50] : Game [57133] started with 6 players.
[Dec 7 16:36:50] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Dec 7 16:36:50] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has 4c 4h
[Dec 7 16:36:54] : TAT2N checked.
[Dec 7 16:37:26] : Tenspro called $1
[Dec 7 16:37:26] : WrongAnswer called $1
[Dec 7 16:37:27] : ReeDonkulos called $1
[Dec 7 16:37:27] : Mr_Knyt folded.
[Dec 7 16:37:30] : alibaby checked.
[Dec 7 16:37:31] : Dealing flop.
[Dec 7 16:37:31] : Board cards [4s 5s 2c]
[Dec 7 16:37:39] : alibaby bet $5.20 and is All-in
[Dec 7 16:37:45] : TAT2N called $5.20
[Dec 7 16:37:45] : Tenspro folded.
[Dec 7 16:37:53] : WrongAnswer called $5.20
[Dec 7 16:37:31] : ReeDonkulos called $5.20
[Dec 7 16:37:31] : Dealing turn.
[Dec 7 16:37:31] : Board cards [4s 5s 2c 5d]
[Dec 7 16:37:36] : TAT2N bet $4
[Dec 7 16:37:38] : WrongAnswer called $4
[Dec 7 16:37:41] : ReeDonkulos called $4 and raised $64
[Dec 7 16:37:52] : TAT2N called $28.30 and is All-in
[Dec 7 16:38:39] : It's your turn.
[Dec 7 16:38:39] : WrongAnswer has 10 seconds to respond.
[Dec 7 16:38:44] : WrongAnswer called $64 and raised $144.05 and is All-in
[Dec 7 16:38:51] : ReeDonkulos folded.
[Dec 7 16:38:52] : Showdown!
[Dec 7 16:38:52] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has 4c 4h
[Dec 7 16:38:54] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has 4c 4h
[Dec 7 16:38:54] : Seat 5 : alibaby has Ts 3s
[Dec 7 16:38:54] : Seat 6 : TAT2N has 6h 6d
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Board cards [4s 5s 2c 5d As]
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has 4c 4h
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : WrongAnswer has Full House : 4s full of 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : WrongAnswer wins $70.30 with Full House : 4s full of 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has 4c 4h
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : WrongAnswer has Full House : 4s full of 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Seat 6 : TAT2N has 6h 6d
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : TAT2N has Two Pair: 6s and 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : WrongAnswer wins $95.40 with Full House : 4s full of 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Seat 5 : alibaby has Ts 3s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : alibaby has Flush AT543
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Seat 6 : TAT2N has 6h 6d
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : TAT2N has Two Pair: 6s and 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : Seat 2 : WrongAnswer has 4c 4h
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : WrongAnswer has Full House : 4s full of 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:29] : WrongAnswer wins $25.90 with Full House : 4s full of 5s
[Dec 7 16:38:37] : TAT2N : nh
[Dec 7 16:38:42] : WrongAnswer : ty
[Dec 7 16:38:44] : Hand is over.

My name is? 2

My new name is WrongAnswer.

Friday, December 02, 2005

My name is?

Well, it's not Tacklef anymore.

Look for the guy who keeps loosing on the river with big pairs, that'll be me.

Edit: After going all in with the best hand, obvioulsy...


Just had an absolute cunt of a week on the poker. It started off alright, made a few hundred on Thursday on the 1/2 tables. But it could have been so much more....... Playing 4 tables, I happened to be dealt Q10h on 1 of them. There was a Jh on the flop and after it was checked through a Kh appeared on the turn. I called a smallish bet and lo and behold the river brings an Ah. Now, I'd heard something about royal flush jackpots on ppp for the month of november but it never really registered with me, I never checked up on the amounts to be won but I did know that you needed to showdown the hand to claim the prize. Due to lapsed concentration and distraction, instead of clicking "check", when it was checked to me, I bet $6 like a fucking complete tool. Obviously the guy hadn't much faith in his hand from the start and with a big dirty ace of hearts on the river he decided to fold, leaving me with a feeling that I just made a serious mistake. After checking the prize amount I learned this mistake cost me about $560.

From there it went downhill, after getting unlucky a few times the tilt kicked in. On Wednesday, the last day of my week, I ended up loosing with KK,QQ and AA in the space of about an hour, all in on the flop with QQ and AA where I was outdrawn by 89o and KK respectively. My KK was beaten by a turned Q6s flush. The AA bad beat was particularly painful because the villain happened to have a $185 stack. He raised, I reraised and then I bet $50 on the J high flop. He went all in and hit his two outer, fair plate to him. Another day I was beaten by 3 consecutive gutshots on the river, it was only for small money but the pain was still there and my play gradually got worse.

All in all I ended up $1000 down on my return to 1/2. That'll teach them to fuck with the Tackle. I'm back on .50/1 again and this time I really will try and hold off going higher till I've got a $10,000 BR. With Christmas coming and some serious cash to be spent on musical equipment I really can't afford to be only breaking even let alone loosing :-O

Thankfully, I've hit the ground running today. Hopefully, I can keep it up this week.